Introducing The Law

Over the years and during the course of my studies, I have noticed a recurring problem in our society today. Ignorance of the Law.

Under Section 22 of the Criminal Code, Cap 77 Laws of the Federation of Nigeria, we are made to understand that Ignorance of the Law is not an excuse which simply means that so long as a person has committed an offense punishable by law, such person will be punished irrespective of whether or not such person was aware that such offense is punishable.

I became alarmed at how twisted people’s conception of the law or better put, the legal profession is. There are a lot of rights, both human and personal, attached to each individual as well as laws protecting such rights. I believe most people reading this will conclude that law in Nigeria respects people but I urge you all today that it is that way of thinking, that perspective that already condones the atrocious actions of those in power that ultimately stunts the growth of our legal system and inadvertently, our country.

Ignorance or carelessness towards the law not only affects us individually but the nation as a whole. This platform is intended to serve as a medium to educate the common Nigerian, the average Nigerian, about rights owing to them, to us. So that armed with such knowledge, we can all move forward and together, create a better Nigeria.

Questions or any confusion about Nigerian Law is welcomed and encouraged as there’ll be weekly polls concerning different areas of the law, where we will be asked to vote on the topic to be discussed the following week.

Polls will be held on my Twitter page: @kivaonyi


Facebook page:

Thank you and hopefully, this could help as many people as possible in Nigeria to exercise their individual rights.

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  1. This is a great one Onyi. This would help liberate laymen from the shackles of ignorance. Nice work.


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