The Importance of Corporate Social Responsibility

Introduction: The idea of Corporate Social Responsibility presupposes that there is in existence an entity or what can at best be described as a corporation. The key word there is “corporate” which denotes a coming together of two or more people to propagate an idea. This idea could be floating of a business or establishment... Continue Reading →

Securing your Trademark in Nigeria

In the world of business there is one thing, whether it is a word, sign, symbol or any other distinctive mark that truly makes your product unique. It is what separates you from others and what consumers of your product can identify you by, that is your trademark. As a consumer or a businessman in... Continue Reading →

Purchase of Property as a Married Couple

It is not uncommon for a married couple to want to acquire property jointly as husband and wife. In fact, some consider it ideal. Even though they may have properties to their individual names, they may want to acquire some as a couple, maybe their matrimonial home, maybe for financial security in the event that... Continue Reading →

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