Know Your Constitution: Part 1

The 1999 Constitution breakdown SECTION 1(1): This Constitution is supreme and its provisions shall have binding force on the authorities and persons throughout the Federal Republic of Nigeria. (The constitution is the most powerful and important law in Nigeria and nobody (person or authority) in Nigeria is above it.) SECTION 1(2): The Federal Republic of... Continue Reading →

Surrogacy and Adoption: Legal or Not?

Surrogacy and adoption are alternatives available to individuals who are unable to bear children of their own. In addition to childlessness, many people adopt simply to give a home and family to children who might not otherwise have them, or to relieve parents who are unable to take care of their child.  Surrogacy is the practice whereby a woman... Continue Reading →

Laws on Partnerships for Start-Ups

Partnership for Start ups When starting up a business, sometimes there is that friend, relative or even simply a colleague that shares the same passionand interests as you, that makes you realize it would be ideal to partner with that individual or all those individuals to startup the business together. Partnership is the legal relationship between you and that individual or those individuals to... Continue Reading →

Legal Position on Abortion in Nigeria

Abortion is a very sensitive issue. Why not? It involves life and death of babies and sometimes, mothers. In Nigeria, it is an even more sensitive topic because of our religious inclinations. In some more developed countries, a woman has the right to do as she wills with her body thus aborting her baby if she wants depending... Continue Reading →

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