Meet the street lawyers

Our Team

We are a select group of lawyers from across Nigeria who share a common goal – to educate and enlighten the average Nigerian about their rights by explaining the law using simple terms.

Onyinyechi “Kiva” Ezeoke

Kiva is a lawyer currently working in the Maritime sector who loves reading mangas and webtoons.

She spends her free time writing stories, binging animes and illustrating characters.

“Carpe Diem!”

Desmond Otikpa

Desmond is a lawyer skilled in; Environmental law and Business, Mediation and Arbitration. 

When not arguing his case in the Court of law, Desmond spends his time writing. 

At his leisure, he plays board games and reads books.

“… and yes, I’m very good at chess!”

Chinenye “Nenye” Mbachu

Nenye is a Corporate lawyer and a poet. 

She has a way with words and knows her way around the law.

In her spare time, she enjoys yoga or a good book.

Gabriel “C” Eze

Gabriel combines his legal practice as a Constitutional/ Criminal lawyer with his job managing the Abuja Appeal Quarterly Reports (AAQR) which he founded.

He uses his love for writing as an avenue to impart knowledge and inspire people.

Efemena “Efe” Ighorimoto

Efe is a passionate litigation and intellectual property lawyer. 

She is an avid Youtube watcher and sometimes a baker.

Nwachukwu “Yaeger” Uwakwe II

Nwachukwu is an Intellectual Property lawyer and an all round creative. 

His understanding of human motive assists him both in Court and at parties.

He loves reading good books, watching TV shows and having good conversations. 

Maurice Oru Ebam


Maurice is a dedicated Pan African lawyer who loves art, nature and travelling.

He spends his time advocating for a better Africa through his political pursuits.

Chinwe Alli

Chinwe is a lawyer with a Masters degree from Peking University School of Transnational Law, China. 

She has an interest in International Economic law and a love for music, movies and a little bit of sports.

She speaks English, Mandarin and French.

Nelson Onuoha

Nelson is a Transactional and Dispute Resolution lawyer who loves to “kick ass” both in Court and on the negotiation table.

In his spare time, Nelson enjoys a game of football and creating content.

Tochukwu Veronica Ekesiobi


Tochi is a Corporate/ Commercial lawyer.

She is jolly good fellow that enjoys reading novels and singing.