Purchase of Property as a Married Couple

It is not uncommon for a married couple to want to acquire property jointly as husband and wife. In fact, some consider it ideal. Even though they may have properties to their individual names, they may want to acquire some as a couple, maybe their matrimonial home, maybe for financial security in the event that... Continue Reading →

Can A Child Own Property in Nigeria?

I heard once, on television, of a child of a celebrity in America who was less than 10 years old and had an estate worth millions in her name. Of course, she wasn’t the youngest business mogul in the world, her parents probably acquired the properties for her but they were in her name, they... Continue Reading →

Benefits of Registering Your Business As A Company

Entrepreneurship has become prevalent in today’s society. Given the lack of employment opportunities and poor remuneration of a large part of the employed population among other things there has been a deplorable rate of unemployment and employee financial satisfaction. Nigerians, ever so resourceful as we are, have refused to sit idly and wait for what... Continue Reading →

Declaration of Assets by Public Officers

I know some of you are aware of the drama going on among the Code of Conduct Tribunal (CCT), National Judicial Council (NJC), The President and The Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN) with regards to declaration of assets, probably why this topic won out of the three. I won’t give you the gist about the... Continue Reading →

Land Acquisition in Nigeria

Acquisition of property in Nigeria is a very broad subject, this text will limit it as much as possible to the basic but important things which the general public should be aware of. Every citizen of Nigeria has a right to acquire and own immovable property in Nigeria by virtue of Section 43 of the... Continue Reading →

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