The Importance of Corporate Social Responsibility

Introduction: The idea of Corporate Social Responsibility presupposes that there is in existence an entity or what can at best be described as a corporation. The key word there is “corporate” which denotes a coming together of two or more people to propagate an idea. This idea could be floating of a business or establishment... Continue Reading →

Freezing of Customer’s Account by a Bank on Mere Direction of Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC): Legality or Otherwise

Generally speaking, the relationship between the Bank and its customers is contractual. Contract therefore, is a legally and enforceable binding agreement which recognises and governs the rights and duties of the parties to the agreement. Put rather nakedly, a contract is a duty fixed by the parties, the breach of which confers on the aggrieved... Continue Reading →

Validity of a Contract by an Illiterate

VALIDITY OF A CONTRACT BY AN ILLITERATE A contract can be generally defined as a voluntary binding agreement between two or more people which is enforceable by law. In essence, for there to be a binding agreement, parties must have what is called in law “concensus ad idem”. Put rather nakedly, parties to the contract... Continue Reading →

Custody of a Child Born Out of Wedlock

Most times in our society the solution to our vagaries of challenges may be around us but hardly do we know them. The reason is very simple; they do not appear in the form recognizable. Unfortunately, I know of families that almost cut themselves in pieces as a result of this. On the issue of... Continue Reading →

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