Are You Legally Married Under Nigerian Law?

Did you know that many localities in contemporary Nigeria still construe a valid marriage to mean the living together of a man and a women with the ultimate objective of procreation? Quite a misconception, as such relationship is but mere Cohabitation in the eyes of the law, regardless of the duration, or the number of... Continue Reading →

Investigation and Arraignment by Security Agencies; An Overview of the Right to Personal Liberties of Nigerians

THE TASK OF CRIME PREVENTION/DETECTION Crime prevention and/or policing in every society is agreed across all schools of thought to be a very difficult task. However,  a country like ours, it is more difficult considering the absence of necessary technology based apparatus of investigation like a collective database of all citizens and residents of the... Continue Reading →

Our Rights Regarding PHCN/NEPA

God: Let there be light!  Presidents forum:  America:              Present China:                  Present Australia:             Present  Nigeria left the group chat.  How many people have had their lights disconnected by NEPA?! Calm down, calm down. I know we... Continue Reading →

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