Are You Legally Married Under Nigerian Law?

Did you know that many localities in contemporary Nigeria still construe a valid marriage to mean the living together of a man and a women with the ultimate objective of procreation? Quite a misconception, as such relationship is but mere Cohabitation in the eyes of the law, regardless of the duration, or the number of... Continue Reading →

Investigation and Arraignment by Security Agencies; An Overview of the Right to Personal Liberties of Nigerians

THE TASK OF CRIME PREVENTION/DETECTION Crime prevention and/or policing in every society is agreed across all schools of thought to be a very difficult task. However,  a country like ours, it is more difficult considering the absence of necessary technology based apparatus of investigation like a collective database of all citizens and residents of the... Continue Reading →

Our Rights Regarding PHCN/NEPA

God: Let there be light!  Presidents forum:  America:              Present China:                  Present Australia:             Present  Nigeria left the group chat.  How many people have had their lights disconnected by NEPA?! Calm down, calm down. I know we... Continue Reading →

Benefits An Employer is Legally Bound to Provide

‘Emeka! Come. There’s this big client in Oshodi that we need to discuss some issues with concerning that contract.’ ‘Ah! Sir, Oshodi? By this time? There’ll be traffic.’ ‘Just go!’ ‘What of T fare Sir? Sir!’  The above is an example of a typical situation some people face in their place of employment. The fear... Continue Reading →

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