Section 151 and 152 of the 1999 Constitution: Special Advisers to the President

Special Advisers

The 1999 Constitution

Section 151 (1)

The President may appoint any person as a Special Adviser to assist him in the performance of his

(The President of Nigeria can appoint people who will act as his Special Adviser who shall assist him in the execution of his duties as President.)

Section 151 (2)

The number of such Advisers and their remuneration and allowances shall be as prescribed by law or by
resolution of the National Assembly.

(The number of Special Advisers which the President can appoint as well as their salary and whatever benefits following such position for performing duties on behalf of the President will be provided by law or by a resolution i.e. decision of the National Assembly.)

Section 151 (3)

Any appointment made pursuant to the provisions of this section shall be at the pleasure of the President and shall cease when the President ceases to hold office.

(Appointments to the position of Special Adviser to the President is at the discretion of the President and the tenure of such Special Advisers will come to an end once the President that appointed them is no longer holding the office of the President.)

Section 152

A person appointed as Special Adviser under section 151 of this Constitution shall not begin to perform the functions of his office until he has declared his assets and liabilities as prescribed in this Constitution and has subsequently taken and subscribed the Oath of Allegiance and oath of office prescribed in the Seventh Schedule to this Constitution.

(Just like with other public officers, a Special Adviser to the President who has been appointed by the President must declare his assets and liabilities before he can start performing his duties. Special Advisers are also required to taken and subscribed to the Oath of Allegiance and oath of office as contained in the 7th Schedule of the Constitution before he can begin working as a Special Adviser to the President.)

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