Enforceability of Age Limit for Marriage in Nigeria

Legal writers as well as various legislations have been in the ring for ages exchanging punches over this very controversial topic- marriageable age in Nigeria. These legislations provide different ages which throw the citizenry into perpetual confusion. Let us take a shallow look at the various municipal legislations regulating age of marriage in Nigeria. The … Continue reading Enforceability of Age Limit for Marriage in Nigeria

Breach of Promise to Marry

Omoge is an Auditor who works in one of the top audit firms in Nigeria. She met Adere in 2015 and fell deeply for him. Adere was the man of her dreams, he was anything a woman could ever wish for. He was tall, handsome, adventurous, ambitious, all shades of lovely was he. Adere wasn’t overly rich but he was comfortable and being a top Auditor, Omogewas definitely … Continue reading Breach of Promise to Marry